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About The Dentists

Meet Dr. Jason Fu

Dr. Fu is dedicated to providing the most up to date general, orthodontic and family dentistry.

With more than 15 years of experience in dental care, he provides a range of services and a specialty in dental implants.


Education And Degrees
Doctor of Dental Surgery – UC San Francisco
Bachelor of Dental Science – UC San Francisco
Bachelor of Biological Science – UC Irvine
Master Program, Dental Implantology – UCLA







Meet Dr. Nina Yu

About_Dr Yu_pale greenDr. Yu understands how uneasy some patients may feel about their dental visits, and how she can make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience.

Dr. Nina Yu also has more than 15 years of experience in dentistry. She provides a variety of oral health skills, including Orthodontics.

Education And Degrees
Doctor of Dental Surgery – UC San Francisco
Bachelor of Dental Science – UC San Francisco
Bachelor of Biochemistry – UC Irvine
Orthodontic Training – Progressive Orthodontic Seminars



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Popular Services

Dental Implants

Say goodbye to dentures!
If you have a missing tooth or teeth, it effects your smile and sometimes your ability to chew as well. An implant offers a long term secure solution.

  • An artificial root (usually made of titanium) is surgically placed in your jaw by a qualified dentist
  • After initially healing, the bone grows around the implant and becomes very strong and no longer sensitive
  • Finally, an artificial tooth or bridge for several teeth, is custom made and attached to the implants
Service_Before Braces-Metal

This innovative process straightens your teeth with a series of custom-made aligners created by your dentist for you.

  • Before Invisalign = metal or plastics brackets glued to teeth with wire running through each bracket
  • After With Invisalign = a comfortable, less visible alternative
  • Treatment Process:

  • Say Cheese! – First you will have x-rays, digital photos and molds taken of your teeth.
  • After developing a treatment plan, aligners made of smooth BPA-free plastic will be designed specifically for you.
  • About every 2 Weeks you will receive a new set of aligners and your dentist will monitor your progress.
  • For best result you will wear aligners at least 20 hours every day throughout the whole treatment schedule.
  • After you have worn aligners and your teeth are nicely aligned, you will receive retainers to help keep them there
Services_Before Braces
Services_After Braces
Braces for Children

Patients of any age can benefit from orthodontic braces, however they work much quicker on pre-teens and teenagers since at this age their jaw is still growing.

Typical Treatment:

  • Apply Fixed Braces- brackets made of metal, ceramic, or a clear are affixed to each individual tooth and an a wire that connects the brackets
  • Adjustments - After braces have been applied, the child will have regular appointments to have the braces adjusted. Often, Orthodontic elastic bands are used to aid in the movement of specific teeth
  • Headgear - When necessary a custom-made appliance is attached to wire that aids in tooth movement. It is intended to be worn for 12-20 hours each day to achieve the best results
  • Retainers - An upper and lower mold is made after braces are removed. Custom-made retainers ensures that teeth maintain their proper alignment
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile.
A popular method is using a home teeth whitening system that will whiten* teeth dramatically.
* whitening only works on natural tooth enamel
Treatment options:

  • In-chair teeth whitening generally involves the application of a whitening.
  • Take-home teeth whitening requires a set of custom made trays to fit your teeth.
  • Factors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene and diet can affect the longevity of the results.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

We Accept PPO Insurance

Our clinic accepts most PPO insurances. Call to confirm when you set an appointment and we will create an itemized list of services for each patient.

Dental Procedures

All our exam rooms are furnished with modern equipment & regularly maintained at the highest standards of the American Dental Association.

High Standard
of Safety

Infection control is also very important to us. To protect our patients and our staff, we maintain sterilization processes recommended by the ADA , CDC, and OSHA.

Certified Dentists
& Hygienist

Both dentists have more than 15 years of dental experience in all facets of dentistry. Oasis also has a certified hygienist on staff.

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